Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Eau Claire Wisconsin Food Blog

Greetings and Salivatations fellow public munchers.

I have created this blog in a quest for better cyber food relations. Let me explain: Just last night I get home and decide "hhmmmmm think I will order up some delivery food. So right to google I go quick search for Eau Claire Wisconsin delivery food, lick my lips and press enter and behold the "pizza listings and more pizza listings". Well there was one chinese fast food listing but... welllll....not tonight. Ok well guess I will be having pizza from Jeff and Jims with some chicken drummies thrown in for good measure...oh and add one of those chicago joe 6" subs just in case I get the munchies later. About 35 hungry minutes later my courteous driver arrives and drops off my dinner. Have to say I was impressed with the hot sub and pizza but those hot wings slathered in barbecue sauce are the greatest hot munchies in the world.

Oops kinda let the thought of food take me off topic...My point was we need more online menus for restaurants in Eau Claire. Sometimes man cannot survive on pizza alone. Red lobster should be delivering and what about the Texas Roadhouse. How come I cannot order in a good steak and have it delivered right to my dinner table. I think we need more online printable restaurant coupons as well. This sometimes can be the deciding factor for me as to where I will be ordering from. Well we hope to bridge alot of these consumer online gaps with our new site Eau Claire Food.com here we will be posting sweet deal food coupons as we get them from restaurant owners in the Chippewa valley Wisconsin area.

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