Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hot Lunch From Nelson's Cheese Factory Deli Store

Greetings and Salivatations Fellow Food Munchers

Just about a block away from our little store and headquarters and most certainly within smelling distance is the Nelson Cheese Factory Deli Store. This little cheese shop features some gourmet cheese and sausage products from all over the world.

Wisconsin Gourmet Cheese, Sausage and more plus lots of Nelson's dairy fresh cheese. Very noteworthy are the hot deli style sandwiches made fresh to order. The rueben is a particular favorite of mine but the philly sometimes wins my appetite as well. If you come down to nelson's for lunch don't forget to stop in and say hi at the Fairchild Gift Company store. (Our Headquarters)
Just look for the Fortune Cookie Chinese Delivery Restaurant and Nelsons Cheese Factory is right next door. Try out the ice cream as well ( a double scoop of blueberry cheese cake ice cream) is my favorite munchie. Not to mention they have samples available all the time.
This litte factory deli shop is well worth the trip to try something a little different for lunch. The menu includes cold sandwiches and hot soups as well as some other munchies not mentioned here. Take home some fresh cheese curds as well as some pepper jack cheese for later. Cracker trays and sausage platters are also available and make great munching for parties or other food related events. I have even survived on meat and cheese platters for days at a time...but that is a longer story than this one.
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