Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Laboring Over Food on Labor Day

Greeting and Salivatations Fellow Food Munchers.

Hope everyone had a great labor day weekend filled with camping, cookouts, swimming, boating and barbecueing. Here in Wisconsin, Labor Day is like the signal of winter coming and summer retreating for yet another year. Soon the barbecue grills will all be cleaned and packed away for the Wisconsin blizzards that are coming soon. But our Eau Claire restauranteers will still be serving up the munchies at our demand.For labor day we snatched up 14 of our closest friends and fellow gamers and headed to the Altoona Family Restaurant for a snack. Despite showing up with our large group unannounced we were seated almost immediately and treated very good. Our orders were taken promptly and our food was served quickly, hot and palatable. Talk about a never ending cup of coffee, I don't think it ever got less than half full before the waiter was there topping it off.The owner of the restaurant even came over to say hi. Some of the more famished in our group opted for pie but my 3 eggs 4 strips of bacon hash browns and 4 panacakes was all I needed to satisify my munchies for the moment. I have eaten at the Altoona Family Restaurant before and the service has always been the same great service I got today. I think next time we will try 30 people....

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