Friday, November 16, 2007

Holiday Food Season Insurance

Greetings and Salivatations Fellow Food Munchers

With my favorite time of year quickly approaching, "FOOD SEASON" I find my self getting ready to feast hardily for about the next 1 1/2 months. The residual snacks will insure my food habit for up to a year. Let me explain, My Food Season will begin with Wisconsin deer hunting season, which I gave up several years back myself but friends and relatives keep me well supplied in venison brats, venison sausage and home made venison jerky. Typically for 20 or 30 bucks a year I will have insured a hearty supply of tasty wild game snacks until next food season.

Right smack in the middle of Wisconsin's deer season they parked Thanksgiving, Which I believe is responsible for 50% of the obesity in this country, and rightfully so. For food lovers it is a day to worship the finest of the Family recipe's, Honed to perfection after years and years of Moms kitchen training being passed from generation to generation to insure utter gourmet perfection. We are talking stuffing's, fruit salads, kicked up veggie dishes and desserts oh my. As if the total beauty of all this food in one place were not enough but our Family chefs have been trained to make mountains of food so no matter how much I indulge on Thanksgiving day I will be insured some gourmet frozen Thanksgiving dinners until next Food Season rolls around.

After all the Thanksgiving leftovers are properly packaged for safe storage for up to a year (which will be the subject of a future blog) and the turkey soup and turkey stew are all slurped up and all the blueberry pie is gone, usually about three to five days in our household, then another beautiful food orientated extravaganza begins. It starts slowly at first with plates of homemade cookies being brought home from the office and plates of brownies and wedding bells and containers of brittle and as the big food season finale gets closer and the holiday cheer begins to flow, so do even more goodies like nuts and dried fruits and it all finally brings us to the red carpet food event of the year, Christmas Day. Once again we are insured the recipe for grandma's ham is unchanged, and the neighbors sweet potato pie is as delicious as ever. At the end of this divine celebration of religion and food, Once again out come the freezer plates and each delectable dish is selectively added to the 4 compartment plates I use to insure maximum eatability throughout the coming new year. And at the end after the whole month long Food Season is over and I have enough goodies horded away to last me until next years season I sit back and think If only I would not of eaten santas cookies and drank his milk the night before Christmas I would of had room for that last piece of ham on Christmas day! Check out the eau claire food forums today!

Happy Holiday Munching!

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