Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Recipe Economics For Hard Times

So will we all be eating boiled taters and bread due to America's economic downturn?
If they look like my wife's ham and taters then bring em on. At least the good eats just get better when times are tough in America, cause we all have a tendency to stay home a little more and put in some quality kitchen time. Local fresh food prices and deals can easily be had by the savvy coupon shopper and the rewards are DELICIOUS!
Local apple orchards, markets and farmers can keep your family eating like the rich and famous daily. I suspect many will give up the life of of fast food restaurants and dining out during our economic recession and turn to mom's homemade food of goodness and love, open 24 hrs with leftovers served nightly!
The kids make reservations at MOMS simply by calling and saying "when you gonna make your beef pepper steak and noodles again?" Soon I hope; then silence as they wait on the cellphone for the scheduled date to be given. I have to chuckle as I listen in intently hoping to add in my own "boy that sure would be good with some of your dutch apple pie"! Ha Dinner at moms is scheduled.
With the holiday season approaching the food recipe book gets pulled out and we are showered with moms favorites recipe's and Grandmas secret recipe's in all there yumminess at one time. Well gotta go for now seems I am drooling on the keyboard....
Till next time

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