Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Get Beef" With Eau Claire Wisconsin Food

Ok, so the title gives away this Eau Claire food blog title. Perhaps it should have been titled "where's the beef" in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, either way let your salivating taste buds lead you down the path to "Texas Roadhouse" located at 5019 Keystone crossing in Eau Claire. Located just down the street from Best Buy and a stones throw from Pichana it is worth stopping in when your hungry for some man sized meat N taters wrapped up with a some Texas sized fun.

After eating here about 20 times in the past two years including two Birthday party dinners, it is hard for me to make a main coarse suggestion, because the steaks I have had, have all been delicious. The fresh rolls with Cinnamon  butter are scrumptious little sides as well. Add some cold beers from the bar to the mix plus the singing wait staff and you have a dinner party for everyone, except, people with peanut allergies, here you will not be safe, as the peanuts flow free from barrels and tubs.

If it is your Birthday you are celebrating then the Texas Roadhouse staff have a few surprises in store for the guest of honor if you let them know. Be sure and have them "bring out the saddle". The menu features a great selection of food and is available at the Texas Roadhouse website.

As a side note I will add each time I have been to Texas Roadhouse there is a twenty minute or longer wait due to the crowds, you may wish to call ahead (715-838-0035) to check on waiting times, especially on the weekend. Either way the Food and fun is worth waiting for and the waiting room is located close to the bar has cable TV and all the free peanuts you can eat...Brilliant!

That's all I got for now, C ya soon.

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