Friday, January 24, 2014

Eau Claire Wisconsin Meat Confluence

Greetings and Salivation's fellow food junkies. Once again I find myself caught up in the fast flowing rivers of life and yet another year has done gone by. Reflecting back on 2013 the thing I remember best about this year is...MEAT. Grilled steak, Marinated Pork Loins, Garlic Crusted Chicken, Grilled Wisconsin Brats, Smoked Bacon, BBQ ribs, Venison Sausage and more meat, Meat, MEAT!

Wisconsin Meatcicles
Fast forward to 2014, January, Polar Vortex swirling out of Canada down to Wisconsin and creating temps with wind chills in the -40 degree range, and I had to shovel 8 inches of powder off my driveway. The whole job was done in 30 minutes, but I was beginning to feel hunger pains. New years resolution said "less red meat" so I jump in the Mustang and cruise down the block to Festival Foods to find some healthy green roughage to graze on. As I am on my way I am greeted by this view(See Picture to Left) in the parking lot. Immediately my mouth begins to water a bit and I begin the process of guilt elimination. No, jerky does not really count as red meat, I ponder on my way into the grocery store. "Yes it is" says that little voice inside the RIGHT side of my brain, It is all MEAT, shut the hell up "meat hater" is the response from the MANLY Left side. As I walk through Festivals Foods endless rows of greens I feel like a ruminant in a clover field, so many greens, get some mixed spring greens with spinach...Check, now broccoli, carrots, red onions and tomatoes...Check. Now for some salad dressing and croutons. Shoot over to dairy and snatch up some Parmesan cheese. Got it, all is good, head for the checkout and BAM there it is Jack links peppered jerky steak nuggets OMG what a great companion for bacon bits, cause they are not really the meat I was thinking of when I made my new years resolution, At least not the same as raw meat, right, and besides when I made that new years resolution I only meant raw meat like steaks and ribs and pork chops and chicken and; Snap out of it man. I check out, as I am walking out of the store, feeling a little guilty about my plans to go home and enjoy my Jack Links Jerky Garden Salad I am hit with the incredibly scrumptious aroma of BBQ ribs and chicken from Famous Daves on the corner.
   Suddenly the head is talking once again, right side says keep walking get to the car, Left side says Feast for Two lets get lunch, dinner and leftovers for tomorrow. Right side says that's crazy, Left side says Thrifty and you can even add beef brisket and BBQ chicken and make a Mans Meat Salad. Done... and that is how my 2014 News years Resolution ended in just two weeks and a trip to the store. However I enjoyed two days of the most amazing meat confluence salads you can ever imagine. My Feast for two was Amazing and I had leftovers for two days. I am now convinced if you just add meat to salads it makes everything so much healthier, BS says the right Side. Left side says 2014 resolution, lets eat more salad! Be sure to check out our free recipe library for some unique free recipes.
Till next time....
Munchies Out!!

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